Fleet List Update!

Fleet List’s Update 04/05/2016!

I have updated some of the fleet lists on my blog, with some more updates coming soon to the ones I haven’t got around to updating for a while. These updated fleet list can be seen on the Fleet List Page on my blog.

Thank you for viewing!


About westyorkshirebusphotos

I am a bus enthusiast, and have been interested in buses since is was about 11 years old when i started catching them regularly to school and back. My favorite type of bus is the East Lancs Myllenium (Personal favorite being X212 HHE).
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2 Responses to Fleet List Update!

  1. Reece says:

    First westyorkshire yj09nyy yj09nyw yj09nyx all 3 of these 617/618 branded busses have been relocated in halifax from now, also bradfords’s volvo b10ble w814dwx has been withdrawn due to gearbox issues, you can update this in your fleet lists thanks

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