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This Is the West Yorkshire Bus Photos Blog, this is a blog mainly about buses in West Yorkshire. There will be news, photos, trips, information & paper bus on buses or operators in The West Yorkshire Area. All the content on this blog is copyright to me unless stated otherwise (full copyright details at the bottom of this page). Thank you for visiting and i hope that you enjoy it.

A bit of information about me. My interest in buses started I think when I started having to catch them regularly to high school and back. The first buses I regularly caught  were operated by Stagecoach Huddersfield on the 231 route and buses operated by Arriva Dewsbury on the then 535 (now renumbered) school route. My favourite bus is the East Lancs Myllennium with preferably the DAF sb220 chassis and ZF gearbox. My current favourite operator is probably  Yorkshire Tiger as they have a nice range of buses in there fleet and they also operate my local routes so I get to travel on there buses a lot but I do also like a few other operators in the area Stagecoach Barnsley, M Travel, Geldards and Ross Travel to  name a few.

Copyright and Creative Commons License

All the content on this blog is copyright to me unless stated otherwise. If any of the paper buses, photos or videos from my blog is seen on another site then the copyright content will be asked to be removed. If you want to access to any of the copyright content on this blog then you will have to contact the original creator. – I will allow an exception to ONLY text based content, bus information and news can be used just as long as you do not copy it for example you could take some bus news/info and re-write it yourself so that it is your own work.

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West Yorkshire Bus Photos Blog is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

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Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://westyorkshirebusphotos.wordpress.com/about/.

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3 Responses to About The Blog

  1. Ian Wiseman says:

    I run a Fantasy Bus Group and we have about 4,500 blank paperbus nets in PNG format supplied by Peter Fray, however he is no longer producing blank nets so we aren’t getting any new models or nets that Peter didn’t do. I wondered if you have a contact who produces some of the blank nets that we might be allowed to use? The agreement with Peter was that all nets had to have him credited as the producer of the Blank Net.

    • Hi Ian, sorry but the large majority of the nets I have are mainly ones done by Peter Fray under the same agreement that I could use them if I credited him for the blank net, I have had a go at making one or two new models using Peters nets as a template for them but do not have many. But like you I am also struggling to find or make nets of some of the more modern buses. It was such a shame that Peter decided to stop making paper buses.

  2. Ian Wiseman says:

    Thanks for the reply……someone else is producing them as I’ve seen some but I can’t find out who. Take Care…..

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