Fleet Lists

This part of my blog has some un-official Fleet Lists from the major operators in the West Yorkshire Area, I will try to keep them as up to date and as accurate as I can.

Arriva Yorkshire | Updated: 31/05/2018 (click the link bellow to open)
Arriva Yorkshire Fleet List

First West Yorkshire | Updated: 11/12/2017 (click the link bellow to open)
First West Yorkshire Fleet List

Stagecoach Barnsley | Updated: 31/05/2018 (click the link bellow to open)
Stagecoach Yorkshire Barnsley Fleet List

Yorkshire Tiger | Updated: 31/05/2018 (click the link bellow to open)
Yorkshire Tiger Fleet List

For more fleet lists from Independent operators please visit Leyland Basher Travels blog (click the link bellow to open)

~I would like to thank SOES and Travel West Yorkshire Forum for some of the information found on my Fleet Lists.~


22 Responses to Fleet Lists

  1. Colin says:

    Hi George,
    YJ51XSH – 233 now in blue/white livery, but without any stickers on Saturday at Waterloo.

    I heard that the wreck YX54 HBB belongs to adriver and is nothing to do with the bus company.

    • Thank you for the info, was wondering what that YX54 HBB was doing as nothing seems to have changed on it since it arrived months ago. I have heard that 340 and a Leeds based bus are both away being repainted into Yorkshire Tiger livery so im assuming K Line are staying separate again from the other 3 depots.

  2. John says:

    First West Yorkshire @ 4/6/14.
    The following ex-Bradford B10BLE’s are now at Halifax:
    The following are currently withdrawn and parked up at Halifax:
    30845 (for quite a long time now), 41315, 41317, 60815, 60816, 61288.
    One B10BLE (probably 62146) is currently parked on a pit in Elmwood with names and numbers painted out. There were two of these (62146/8) but there is no sign of the other.
    Dart 41281 was also parked amongst the withdrawn Darts listed, though was noted inside Elmwood the following day.

  3. Michael Tinker says:

    First West Yorkshire 62146/48 reported by west Yorkshire metro news as returned to South Yorkshire

  4. Yougesh Mistry says:

    Please update the First, Stagecoach and ARRIVA fleetlist. Why is not update yet since may 2014 has fleet change yet.

    • Hi, Sorry for the delay I have recently got a new job so have got a bit behind on updating the blog but i am currently in the process of updating the fleet lists and i shall try to keep them more up to date in the future.

      Thank You for your comment.

  5. lewis says:

    Hi v211pcx is at Arrvia North Yorkshire in Whitby

  6. elliot waterson says:

    Hi can I give you a fleet list of Watersons of Hemsworth.

  7. elliot waterson says:

    Hi Mate that one is wrong we don’t have an LDV Convoy

  8. Peter Westcott says:

    A visit to the 1st storage site Cherry Row Leeds this week viewed following !
    60467 60486 Volvo B10M 61042 Scania L94UB 30845 31771 Volvo Oly-56 & Oly 50

  9. Peter Westcott says:

    A visit to Halifax Bus Station between 1030hrs-1245hrs 9/5/15 found the following 1st Volvo Olympians in action : 30806/49/58/59/60 30936/40 having moved up from Suffolk a nice treat. Living in Leeds nice to see them on the 86 near my home !
    A query I keep seeing Arriva Dennis Dart 230 are any of the others in active use if so on what route please ?

  10. David Hawkins says:

    What happened to 260 SN55HTX. Its similar ones are in service, but do you know what happened to that bus?

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